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Find some of the cool artists that appear in Touch Wood Season One.


Girls at Work is a new addition to the local scene. Harry Thompson-Cook explores various themes of love and heartbreak using his unique alternative style. Touch Wood uses multiple of his currently unreleased songs as character themes. Harry also composed several pieces of work for the soundtrack for scenes. New music releasing every couple of weeks so go check it out!

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Kaitlin RIEGEL

Kaitlin comes from a Musical Theatre background, she loves creating songs people can relate to on a deeply personal level. Her work ranges over a few albums, a tour in the UK, her song Silhouettes appearing in an episode of US TV show "Shameless" and multiple local gigs.


Kaitlin's music had been found for use in Touch Wood from an early stage, and used as inspiration in the edit.

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Currently living and writing music from Brisbane, Australia. Visual Lane started off releasing his distinct sounds on different music platforms, now racking up impressive numbers. Visual's style is heard in Touch Wood during party scenes and songs characters listen to.

Pickle Darling

A self proclaimed low-fi James Blunt, Pickle Darling has been boosted up in the New Zealand music scene. Recently his latest album was in the Top 10 of the Official New Zealand Music Charts. His eclectic sounds bring a distinct emotive quality that enhance the scenes they are in.

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